We are in contact with Glasgow-based digital and creative agency, Bright Signals. Through the Innovate UK COVID funding competition that they won, OpenPlans was created. We think it would be a useful tool. It could be used to support any planning & public consultation projects that you are working on. Because of the funding, you can use the technology free of charge until the end of January 2021.
OpenPlans is the digital equivalent to part of the planning and public consultation process. In short, it is a Virtual Exhibition, where they present your posters, documents and videos in a familiar ‘town hall’ setting. This can optionally include two way, text-based live chat.
There’s one live at the moment, for SSE’s Berwick Bank development. It’s now offline, but here’s a link to the demo. Please feel free to have a look around:

username: BrightSignals
password: t3yAV97xCe

As mentioned, the Virtual Exhibition tech is free to use until the end of Jan.
If you’re not ready to actually use it in Jan, you just need to sign-up and it’s free to use thereafter.
If anyone thinks it might be useful, let us know and we’ll put you in touch.

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