Letter 2 in today’s Scotsman.


Dear Sir,

             Vattenfall’s Managing Director of onshore wind, Mr Frank Elsworth, (whose statements can be readily accessed via Vattenfall’s website)  quoted by your correspondent  (Letters, Saturday, February 6), has actually given the game away – now we know why there are so many wind farms and why, especially in the pandemic, since there is little scope for opposition, there are continuing  applications to build yet more and bigger turbines in once ‘Bonnie’ Scotland.  The whole exercise stems from the SNP Government’s  ‘open door’ policy on wind farms which denies Scots any real local government control since central government in Edinburgh dictates what should be built..   As your correspondent points out, the current government unilaterally simply overturns the decisions made by locally elected politicians to reject the building of  a wind farm in a particular location despite the fact that local politicians are simply following their democratically canvassed and decided local plans.
The Scotsman would perform a great service for the residents of Scotland, and future generations, if your talented journalists were to carry out and publish in your pages a comprehensive review of the scale and the costs, both monetary and environmental, and in particular costs especially to the local public purse, paid for by residents themselves, of such overturning of local democratic will  by the central government in Edinburgh during its tenure by the SNP.
 Yours sincerely,
Alison Chapman

SAS Volunteer

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