Banks Renewables has detailed plans to build an extension to Lethans wind farm in a scoping report submitted to the Scottish Government’s Energy Consents Unit.

The proposed Lethans Wind Farm Extension will have a capacity of more than 50MW and would be located in East Ayrshire, less than 10 km north-east of New Cumnock.

Banks told reNEWS it is proposing up to 11 turbines at a hub height of 260 metres.

The extension would have the same National Grid connection as the firm’s approved Lethans wind farm, a development of 22 turbines with a maximum output of up to 105.6MW.

The wind farm extension has the potential to deliver a range of benefits to the area, Banks stated, such as supporting local jobs and paying into a community benefit fund up to £9.9m.

Banks said it is “keen to replicate” its Connect2Renewables South Lanarkshire initiative which is creating employment opportunities for those living close to its Kype Muir and Middle Muir wind farms.

At Lethans and Lethans Extension it is expected that in the construction phase over £40m will go to Scottish contractors, in addition to a £1.3m skills and training fund for the first five years that could support over 400 local unemployed people seeking work or training opportunities.

Robin Winstanley, sustainability and external affairs manager at Banks Renewables (pictured), said: “This is an exciting project and represents an important contribution towards Scotland’s Net Zero goals by 2045.

“While we’re at a very early stage in developing our plans for Lethans Wind Farm Extension, we strongly believe the community should be involved from the start.”

He added: “Lethans Wind Farm Extension could mean an investment into a community fund over the project’s lifetime.

“Our current focus is on building on the good relationships we have in East Ayrshire to work together to deliver something that helps create a new legacy and have a positive, sustainable impact on the region.”

Banks’ Lethans Wind Farm was given the green light ahead in October 2020, after plans were revised to maximise the supply of electricity.

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