Anyone wishing to watch Dr Rachel Connor’s Tribunal Hearing this morning starting at 10am, should advise the Hearing beforehand by emailing and advising you will be joining the Hearing. EA/2020/0009 Rachel Connor and Low Carbon Contracts Company Ltd vs Information Commissioner and Sneddon Law Community Wind Company Limited
Having done that you can access the hearing by:
1. Copy and paste the following link into Google Chrome and press ‘enter’
2. Type in your full name, click the camera icon to connect with audio and video, then click ‘connect’
3. Select default microphone and camera options then click ‘start’
4. Enter the following PIN: 0009
5. Click ‘connect’. When you join you’ll be in the waiting area until the hearing starts
To join the hearing by telephone:
1. Dial 0203 608 8838 (dial 141 first if you would like to withhold your phone number)
2. When prompted, enter the voice conference ID 25328712#
(the automated system will ask you to enter the voice conference ID number followed by the pound key – that is the hash key)
3. When prompted, enter the conference pin 0009

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