THE world’s tallest onshore wind turbines, 260m high, could be erected in
East Ayrshire under plans submitted to the Scottish Government.
The Scottish Government, hiding behind a Government reporter, has in 19
cases out of 24 wind farm proposals given approval, ignoring objections
from local authorities and the public. Scotland is already saturated with
1,293 turbines so why do we need more?
The developer, Banks Renewables, estimates that £40 million of contracts
will go to Scottish contractors but on a £1 billion contract this is not
enough. It should also be remembered that the 1,293 turbines in Scotland
were manufactured abroad and erected with foreign labour.
Before any planning permission is considered will Banks Renewables sign a
legally-binding agreement that they will support local jobs and that
Scottish contractors will be given far more than £40 million of work? Banks
Renewables must provide audited figures on the amount of harmful emissions
this development will create and how many years it will take to cancel out
these emissions.
Clark Cross, Linlithgow.

SAS Volunteer

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