Councillors in the Borders have agreed to oppose plans for a 45-turbine wind farm stretching from their region into Dumfries and Galloway.
Community Windpower says its Faw Side scheme near Langholm could meet the energy needs of 325,000 homes.
Scottish Borders Council’s planning committee was told a “gateway into Scotland” was not the right place to site the project.
It agreed to object but the final say will lie with the Scottish government.
Of the 45 turbines being proposed,13 are in the Borders with the remainder in Dumfries and Galloway.
Councillors agreed with officer advice that they should lodge an objection to the project.
“This is an area which we are hoping to promote as a great tourist route into Scotland and I don’t think this says much for that,” said Neil Richards.
Jim Fullarton described the area as a “gateway into Scotland” and said that on balance he felt it was right to oppose the plans.
One councillor did speak out in favour of the scheme saying he did not always agree that turbines spoiled a view.
“If it was up to the local public in the area, they would be supporting it,” said Donald Moffat.
“Landscape character doesn’t pay the bills.
“You can understand why a land owner would want to have a wind farm.”
However, the planning committee agreed to make the council’s opposition known to the Scottish government.
Dumfries and Galloway Council is expected to meet later this month to decide its stance.

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