The windfarm footprint map is intended to provide an overview only and we endeavour to keep the map as up to date as possible. However, users should note: •The map is updated regularly, but will never be 100% accurate. •There are several ‘gaps’ on the map where SNH are seeking appropriate mapping of proposals to add to the map. •The map should not be used to form the basis of detailed environmental assessment or regional planning work – it is an overview only. •The map shows the approximate physical footprint of the wind farm and is usually based on the site boundary as shown on the Environmental Statement. Where we don’t have site boundary, a turbine ‘envelope’ is used instead, using the outer turbine locations. This will often include site access tracks, but generally excludes grid connections. •The map does not show the ‘visibility’ footprint of the windfarms, it shows the physical footprint only. •It is acknowledged that the word ‘footprint’ could be misleading – it does not represent the physical footprint of the turbines (or their foundations) themselves – it shows the area of land occupied by the windfarm and is intended to illustrate the relative scale of windfarm proposals. •The map only shows windfarms which are installed, consented, in planning or at scoping stage. It does not show proposals which are still confidential, or proposals which have been withdrawn or refused consent. •The map does not include small domestic wind turbines and generally only includes wind turbines of greater than 50m in height. •The map only includes proposals on which SNH are consulted, some small wind clusters or community scale proposals, which have not been reviewed by SNH may not appear.

Note: this is not necessarily a comprehensive dataset of all wind farm schemes in the public domain and there may be some errors in the information supplied on this map. Windfarms which have been withdrawn from planning or refused consent do not appear on the map.

Open the Google Earth file and zoom in

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