Economist and Senior Fellow at the think tank Centre for Brexit Policy, Catherine Mcbride argued Boris Johnson needs to introduce more incentives for farmers to do their part. During an interview with, Ms Mcbride said farmers should be rewarded for farming techniques that are more carbon efficient. She also noted the farmers should get financial support from the Government if they chose to utilise newer and more green technology.
Ms Mcbride said: “We need to start rewarding farmers for soil carbon sequestration and planting carbon crops during the winter.
“You should never see a baron field in the UK because this really helps absorb carbon and put it back in the soil.
“The UK’s soil has lost about 50 percent of its carbon after years of tilling the soil.
“More and more farmers are moving to no-till farming.
“The Government should be encouraging or giving farmers loans to all move to that technology.”
Ms Mcbride noted other things the Government must do to make Britain greener.
She said: “There also needs to be high-speed internet connections everywhere.
“This is so that people can not only work from their local communities but utilise the excess unoccupied housing.
“We must insulate all homes, this should be mandatory for all homes.
“Heat loss is a big cause of unnecessary omissions and it is something that we really have to be cautious of.
“I am a big fan of planting trees and hedges along every major road and highway in the UK.
“This would cut noise pollution as well as the glare of oncoming headlights and reducing air pollution.”
Ms Mcbride also highlighted the importance of not shying away from nuclear energy when considering future energy supplies.
She continued: “I know a lot of people don’t like this but we really have to expand on nuclear energy in the UK.
“I believe that doing more small nuclear power plants would be much better than covering the country in solar panels and wind turbines that generally don’t last long enough to really pay back the cost of their production.

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