Good morning from Whitelee wind farm.
The epicentre of UK onshore wind.
Where the turbines behind me, some twice the height of the epic Glasgow Cathedral, are powering practically every home in the city.
Where, beneath Scottish skies, every revolution of these enormous blades generates enough electricity to charge 300 mobile phones.
And it is a snapshot, friends, of the future that is within our grasp, if we act now, and we act together, to protect our precious planet.
Astronauts speak of the intense emotion they feel when looking back at Earth from space, seeing it gleaming through the darkness of the cosmos. Incredible, improbable and infinitely precious.
What Buzz Aldrin has called, a “brilliant jewel in the black velvet sky”.
This is a planet, our planet, teeming with flora, fauna and human life.
Each one of us with our own hopes and aspirations for the future.
And yet, with all our destinies intrinsically bound together, on our life giving, but fragile planet.

SAS Volunteer

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