The Scottish Greens manifesto is not good news for Edinburgh. The Pentlands Special Scenic Area would no longer be protected from wind farms, only National Scenic Areas and two National Parks.
The party would “Require all private sector homes to meet at least Energy Performance Certificates C at the point of sale of major refurbishment from 2025”.
Anyone who has had building work done will know how impossible and irresponsible this timescale is, a mere four years. Stone built homes are particularly difficult to insulate and are mentioned.
The danger is that the Greens are predicted to hold the balance of power and therefore able to bargain with the SNP for support for independence and force through some of their policies.
Our “Green” politicians may have good intentions but after a pandemic the last thing people need is irresponsible targets preventing people moving house and being flexible in the new jobs market. Please read the manifesto.
Celia Hobbs, Peebles Road, Penicuik.

SAS Volunteer

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