I NOTE with interest your report on the recent Citizens’ Advice Scotland
survey on taking steps towards the net zero target (“Scots ‘in the dark’
over what they can do to help achieve net zero”, The Herald, July 19).
Sixty-eight per cent supported moves towards net zero but 65% had no
identifiable energy efficiency measures or renewable technologies installed
in their homes. Are these the people who (according to Government and trade
body surveys) support covering our country with more wind farms in the
pretence of being “green” but don’t want to put any effort themselves into
the journey to achieve net zero?
It’s fine to rip the landscape apart, kill wildlife and make a lot of
people’s lives a misery by plonking huge, rotating (well sometimes)
monsters outside their homes as long as they themselves don’t have to live
with them and they can continue to buy the latest in technology, clothes,
electric vehicles and fly off on a foreign holiday in order to keep up with
the Joneses (not to save the planet) while replacing hedges with garden
fencing and real grass with plastic or concrete to cut down on maintenance
(also known as laziness but never mind the hedgehogs) and heaven forbid
that some dirty birds might poop on that new electric (not so
environmentally friendly as you might think) vehicle.
Most people might grasp what net zero is all about but they are not going
to do their bit to help achieve it if it’s going to be too inconvenient,
they would much rather pass the buck.
Aileen Jackson, Uplawmoor.
Energy bills will soar
I HAVE just renewed my fixed-cost energy supply at the best rates I could
find, namely 18.67p/kwh for electricity and 3.61p/kwh for gas, showing
electricity to be five times more expensive than gas. The Government is
waking up to this issue in its drive to replace the use of gas in our homes
with electricity and one favoured solution is to increase the tax on gas to
make it more expensive.
As renewable electricity, mostly wind-generated, continues to expand
rapidly, we are surely going to face huge energy cost increases in a
nebulous effort to reduce carbon dioxide, which is essential to all life on
GM Lindsay, Kinross.

SAS Volunteer

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