AS Celia Hobbs (Letters, July 26) correctly points out, “forget your designations and listings” as regards wind farm planning applications in Scotland, they don’t count for much.
Also apparently included in Scottish Government decision makers’ “list of things to forget” is people, particularly those who live in single dwellings closest to the proposed wind farms because they are sacrificed for the greater good. In other words, the climate emergency trumps all.
As for wildlife, it is always assumed that creatures will move somewhere else if their habitat is destroyed by wind farm construction but how long can that last? With applications spiralling out of control in Scotland and “cumulative effects” being largely ignored, a territory of their own will become more and more difficult to find. They are in the same position as affected people but to them it is a matter of life or death.
The Scottish Government mantra of “the right development in the right place” is a meaningless cliché.
Aileen Jackson, Uplawmoor.
HOLYROOD keeps overriding local authorities when rural councils refuse planning consent for wind farms and the renewable sector claims that onshore wind energy is cheaper than gas. As OFGEM still allows wind farm electricity to be priced at 16p per unit whilst that of gas is 4p per unit there is currently a 12p per unit differential in favour of wind. Would it not therefore be an equitable solution for Holyrood to add an addition to planning applications that gives the 12p extra cost for every unit generated to the local council where the wind farm has been installed?
Ian Moir, Castle Douglas.

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