Mast madness

Jim Pratt alerts the people of Edinburgh to an application to change the conditions of a consented wind farm at Cloich Forest to the right of the road from Edinburgh to Peebles (Letters, 14 July) with 12 turbines, 8 metres short of the height of Blackpool Tower. The wind farm was consented in 2016 against the wishes of Borders Council, which said it would do “unacceptable harm to the landscape”.

The scheme had 18 turbines, reaching 115m high. The new scheme is 12 turbines 149.5m high. There is a comparison of the two schemes in the application admitting that this height difference will result in increases in adverse effects on landscape. The scheme is to produce only 4MW more electricity than the first scheme. The turbines are nearly half as high again and will in my opinion dominate this beautiful area and the Gateway to the Borders.

Questions must be asked why, when the first project was deemed so unacceptable to planners and Councillors at Borders Council, the Energy Consents Unit and ministers would even consider this application.

Celia Hobbs, Penicuik, Midlothian

Costs query

The Renewable Sector claim on-shore wind energy is now cheaper than gas. Can anyone therefore explain why Scots are charged 16p/unit for electricity but only 4p/unit for gas?

Ian Moir, Castle Douglas

SAS Volunteer

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