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Dr Mark Aitkehnead seems to be grasping at straws with his wind turbine CO2 emission calculations (Letters, 12 August). He does admit that the turbines are not always running at full capacity but the fact is they never are, 25 per cent is nearer the mark. That immediately casts doubt on his figures.

He also fails to mention the toxic mining, manufacturing, transportation, installation and decommissioning process, all of which add to the turbines’ carbon footprint.

He appears to be delighted about the 1.2 million people employed in the UK “low carbon industry” in order to avoid mentioning the “wind industry” specifically, which employs only approximately 13,000 people in Scotland, (where the majority of wind turbines are located) – and that no doubt includes the part-time, temporary staff employed at the Visitor Centre at Whitelee Windfarm. I suppose it all helps to add to the paltry numbers. Not exactly the great opportunity for wealth creation which he speaks about.

As for the number of lives the wind industry is meant to save due to reducing CO2 emissions, which lives are those? Certainly not the wildlife whose habitats are destroyed and/or those killed directly by the turbine blades.

I agree with Dr Aitkenhead on one thing; the impact is certainly clear.

Aileen Jackson, Uplawmoor, East Renfrewshire

SAS Volunteer

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