Rabbie Burns would probably turn in his grave if he knew what the Scottish Government is doing to places like “Ye Banks and Braes O’ Bonny Doon”. The chaotic planning process is letting onshore wind farm developers circumvent local opinion when councils run out of time to adjudicate on planning applications which then become a refusal and allow the applications to go to central government.
The legislative timetable involved can obviously not cope with the increasing numbers of applications and as the Scottish Government is apparently not giving councils extra cash to fix the problem or make the legislation more flexible, inevitably more planning applications will end up being decided in Holyrood.
The more cynical among us will recognise this as a subtle ploy intended to shift decision-making away from councils and communities and strengthen central government’s stranglehold over the planning process.
I am all for increasing renewable energy but surely Scotland’s contribution to limiting emissions is negligible in comparison to the 30 percent of global emissions which China is pumping into the atmosphere. Is it worth ruining the countryside when the main culprits lie elsewhere?
Bob MacDougall, Kippen.

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