In July, National Grid warned that the scheduled closure this year of the two old nuclear power stations Hunterston B and Dungeness B will make winter electricity supply difficult. In the world’s fifth-largest economy this is unacceptable. The Government is obsessed with an impossible zero carbon agenda which will make electricity outages a reality.
As I am writing to you now the thousands of onshore and offshore wind machines (they are not turbines in the engineering sense) are producing 5.13 per cent of Britain’s electricity. One of our three remaining coal power stations, West Burton A, is producing 5.43%. These three weather-independent power stations will be closed in 2024.
It does not matter how many wind farms we have, if the wind doesn’t blow they are just so much scrap. Yet here in Scotland the Greens, who have linked up with the nationalists, have now committed to doubling the number of towers from 10,000 to 20,000, turning Scotland’s wild landscapes into industrial wastelands. Yes, they work well when the wind blows strongly (but not too strongly) but sometimes the wind does not blow at all.
Furthermore, making battery-powered cars the future of motoring, with all their attendant problems, will place an enormous burden on generators. Truly the UK’s energy policy is a disaster waiting to happen.
William Loneskie, Lauder.

SAS Volunteer

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