‘We need these wind farms to stop global warming’ – Readers’ Comments – Edinburgh Evening News
Plans to build a giant offshore wind farm off Scotland’s east coast that would be the largest in the UK and one of the world’s biggest have come a step closer. The scheme will be capable of generating enough green energy to power more than five million homes – double the number of households in Scotland. We asked for readers’ views.
Readers were divided over the plan for a giant wind farm in the Forth
David Morris: Could power every home in Scotland – only when the wind blows.
Alex Sasha Alexandre: Energy can be stored when the demand is not very high to be able to deliver the proper amount when there is less wind, for example. It is the energy of future. However, we need to find the way to protect the nature at the same time. Birds and other animals can be affected by this infrastructure.
Lisa Tam Paterson: Sounds like a great idea that will provide a lot of power – and kill a lot of birds
George Banks:If we are going to stop global warming we need these wind farms or we won’t be able to cool the planet.
Scott Shaw: As long as everyone in Scotland and especially the surrounding area benefit from it then yes, I’m in favour.
Craig Jones: The reality is that the energy companies and governments will profit from it whilst we are made to look at the eyesore every day.
Paul Harvey: In the Forth? Can’t see that happening – they’re usually further out to sea. A wave generator or five however, such as they’re now producing in Orkney; that would be an entirely different matter.
Mark Paterson: So much for bonnie Scotland, there will be nothing but turbines to see here. I’m all for going green but stick them out in the North Sea out of the way.
Mandi Mac: When wind turbine blades reach the end of their usefulness, most are sawed into transportable pieces and hauled to landfills, where they never break down. Tens of thousands of ageing blades are being removed and have nowhere to go.
Jacqueline Calder: Wouldn’t it be better to put solar panels on the roofs of every new building and collect the excess power from them?
Anhaicapito Making: You need a lot of material for solar power. It is a well proven strategy to centralise and use previous infrastructure. Some internet cables in the ocean are updated telegraph cables. There are other energy improvements that need to be done to old houses that would be better priority.
Frank Brown: The question is who gets the income from it. Having oil fields never did us any good, did it?
Ewan Cameron: I’d check with the dolphins first. They’re in charge.
John Keating: It has been proven winds are more predictable and stable offshore. Also it’s far easier to run the cables from an offshore field rather than dig up miles and miles of land to run to stations on land.
Craig Barrie: Big lover of wind farms! Great way to harvest energy. The naysayers were also around when the first windmills started to appear in the UK and now we see these as a quaint part of our national heritage! If only Constable were still around to knock out a couple of wind farm paintings to romanticise them.

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