The Scotsman reports “Climate change is blamed for seabird breeding numbers falling by 50 per cent” (4 September).

At the same time, we are carpeting almost the entire country, plus much of our pristine seascapes with what has been described as the new “apex pedator” – hugely-destructive, lethal, industrial wind turbines.

The Isle of Man wildlife charity Manx Birdlife has reported a shocking 40 per cent decline in the populations of many species of sea birds around the island’s coast as windfarms overwhelm the Irish Sea.

Herring gulls are down 82 per cent, European shag down 51 per cenrt, razorbills down 55 peer cent. The list goes on, yet barely a mention is made by any environmental body supposed to be protecting our wildlife.

They shrug their collective shoulders telling us that cats kill more birds, so presumably we may as well accelerate the slaughter!

What sort of perverted, environmental logic is that?

The RSPB has tracked over 1000 of Britain’s four most threatened bird species — kittiwakes, guillemots, razorbills and shags — and found they feed at certain “hotspots”.

Many of these are sandbanks where small fish are found – which happen to be the places ruthless developers find it easier to build offshore wind turbines.

The RSPB vehemently objected to the Firth of Forth offshore wind farms describing them as “The most damaging windfarms for seabirds anywhere in the world” adding the proliferation of offshore windfarms could be the “final nail in the coffin” for sea birds.

Yet our blinkered politicians blunder on regardless, hardly any willing to admit that we have got this unnecessary, indiscriminate slaughter of wildlife horribly wrong!

Yours, trying to protect our Natural World not destroy it:

George Herraghty

Elgin, Moray

SAS Volunteer

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