It seems that Scottish wind turbines defy the laws of physics. Jim Daly extols their virtues saying they are reliable, cheap and the nasty English, or at least the National Grid, are charging wind turbine owners – mostly foreign – too much to transmit their electricity (Letters, 11 October).
The majority of UK land turbines are in Scotland which has 8,633 turbines mostly in remote places so sending the electricity to where it is needed means higher transmission charges.
Mr Daly says nothing about the constraint payments that turbine owners get to switch off their turbines when their night-time electricity is not needed. Why? Constraint payments for these “Scottish” turbines are nearly £1 billion since 2010. Whisper it – this is added to all the electricity bills in the UK. Why should the English pay? Over the last 155 days in the UK wind turbines have supplied, on average, only – remember most are in Scotland – 19.4 per cent of our electricity. That fossil fuels supplied 43.3 per cent and nuclear supplied 15.8 per cent shows how unreliable Scottish wind and Scottish turbines really are.
Clark Cross, Linlithgow, West Lothian

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