A wind farm developer is hoping to build a massive battery plant south of Norwich to ensure there is enough energy when the wind stops blowing.

But the plans, at the three-hectare site between Swardeston and the A47, have sparked concerns about fire safety from experts and local councils.

Hundreds of lithium-ion batteries will be placed in containers around two buildings up to 15 metres high. It will mean that energy generated by Ørsted’s new offshore wind farm, called Hornsea Three, can be stored and then fed into the National Grid on calmer days when the turbines aren’t turning enough.

Ørsted was given the go-ahead last year to build the 230 turbines 120km off the Norfolk coast. The Danish company said the wind farm would produce enough electricity to meet the daily needs of two million homes.  Rad more:  https://www.eveningnews24.co.uk/news/local-council/orsted-battery-storage-plant-for-hornsea-3-norwich-8517178?fbclid=IwAR3HBEp8_UKBkPVG7D-JR6eDIPr2VPX0grZp_yZoThDK4yfbIZG43OplJqM

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