We must protect our peatlands
THERE has been much publicity about the need to save the world’s tropical
rainforests and their contribution to reducing emissions as carbon sinks.
It has been recognised that here in Scotland we have equally valuable
carbon sinks, as more than 25% of our land is peatland or carbon-rich
soils. So far I have heard only one brief mention from COP26; a view of the
Flow Country in Caithness, but the comment was merely “We now plant more
Wind farms, however, continue to be “planted” on upland peat. The
“greenwash” excuse is that this loss can be mitigated by improving degraded
peat elsewhere.
We need to increase our carbon sinks, not develop on them, or hope that
restoration of damaged peat can compensate for the real loss of peatland
I would have expected the Scottish Government to publicise our valuable
peatland resource in fighting climate change, not just to allow the real
permanent loss of our upland peats for yet more “green” energy.
Greta Roberts
Waterside, Ayrshire.

SAS Volunteer

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