I HAVE to congratulate our First Minister for trying to cope with the flicker created by wind-turbine blades while being interviewed on BBC Scotland inside Whitelee windfarm’s visitor centre.

She sounded more grumpy than usual but kept talking, obviously in an attempt to show it wasn’t a problem despite the fact that a warning was issued at the start of the interview about the strobing effect created by the blades. Now she knows what many rural residents have to endure on a daily basis at this time of the year when the sun is low.

Despite it being a simple process for windfarm operators to shut down their turbines when this debilitating effect occurs, many refuse because they will lose a few pennies in profit.

What Sturgeon won’t have hung around long enough to witness is the equally disturbing effect of night-time flicker when the blades pass in front of turbines’ aviation lights. But why should she care? She doesn’t have to live beside a wind farm.

Aileen Jackson, Uplawmoor.

SAS Volunteer

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