THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY has been urged to start fracking now in order to stave off the energy crisis, as Britain is on the brink of blackouts.
Commentator James Woodhuysen said that “action is needed right now”, as energy prices across the UK soar. Calling on the Government to start fracking for shale gas and drilling for more North Sea Gas, the commentator said: “None of these options will come online fast enough to make a difference this winter – but we should be doing everything we can to avoid prolonging this crisis.” Writing in Spiked magazine, he added: “Whenever politicians do touch on the issue of supply, they tend to put going green above questions of speed and reliability.
“Building more wind turbines would take far longer than extracting gas we can then use in existing power plants and boilers.
“Besides, the energy wind turbines provide can only ever be intermittent, which means we will still need more gas at our disposal to use as a back-up source of power.

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