TRACEY Smith (Letters, July 25) mentions the hypocrisy of the Greens’ campaign to Save Loch Lomond from the Flamingoland development while at the same time supporting industrial wind farm development which destroys unspoilt rural areas. Would she really expect anything else?
The SNP/Green wind farm-obsessed Government doesn’t even allow the public to express its opinion about wind farms in a public consultation, unless it is something the Government wants to hear.
Some of the responses from groups and individuals to the recent Onshore Wind Policy Statement Refresh have been heavily redacted in line with Scottish Government moderation guidance, which in other words allows the removal of anything it doesn’t want the public to get wind of, so to speak.
It is evident this “public” consultation was designed solely for the renewable industry so that it can post its wish list to be taken on board by the Scottish Government. The Government obviously consider members of the public to be, in its own words, nothing more than “a barrier to deployment”.
Aileen Jackson, Uplawmoor.

SAS Volunteer

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