Power company Energiekontor UK is planning yet another wind farm in the Lairg area with the proposed turbines bigger than previous ones, it has emerged.
The energy firm was granted planning consent last October for the 10-turbine Lairg II Wind Farm, to be sited four kilometres to the south east of Lairg. The location is 800m south of the existing three-turbine Lairg Wind Farm, operated by Abo Wind.
Five of the turbines at Lairg II will be 200m high, while two will be 190m high and three 150m high. The site will have a maximum installed capacity of 49.9mw.
Energiekontor says it is currently “progressing with pre-commencement of construction activities (for Lairg II) and the finalisation of detailed designs.”
But the wind power firm has also now lodged a scoping application with the Scottish Government’s Energy Consents Unit and Highland Council for a Lairg III wind farm – with 20 turbines up to 230m in height proposed.
A scoping application asks the planning authority for its opinion on what information needs to be included in an environmental statement.
The generating capacity would be 132mw, requiring planning consent to be granted by the Scottish Government under section 36 of the Electricity Act 1989, with the local authority a statutory consultee.
According to papers lodged on the Energy Consents Unit online portal, the site earmarked for Lairg III is 1,856 hectares of open moorland some 7.6km south-east of Lairg and 1150m south west of Tigh An Alt, Acheilidh, Rogart.



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