The truth about wind costs
THOM Kirkwood (Letters, August 12) makes the statement that renewables are
“far cheaper than fossil fuel and nuclear”. No doubt this assumption is
based on devious claims made by the renewable industry and repeated
verbatim by ill-informed politicians, but which have been widely
discredited by experts.
The claim is based on strike price bids in recent BEIS Contracts for
Difference auctions where wind developers have submitted
unrealistically-low bid prices/MWh in order to be allowed to construct
their turbines. Most of these low-bid contract winners have not yet built
their wind turbines and those that have been built have opted not to
initiate the awarded contract, with their very low strike prices, thereby
enabling them to enjoy the much higher prices currently available in the
wholesale electricity market. No wind installation is supplying the grid at
such low prices. Hence the actual cost of unreliable wind generation, at
best, is on a par with fossil and nuclear generation costs – although the
hidden costs associated with wind intermittency and unreliability makes
wind generation much higher.
This reality is being witnessed daily by consumers’ bills continuing to
increase even as ever more wind turbines are constructed and becoming
Dr GM Lindsay, Kinross.

SAS Volunteer

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