Renewables issue needs attention
While I am in no way an expert in the subject of renewables, I am however someone who recognises that change is required in energy provision and use.
I also think that validated facts, good and bad, about renewables should be transparent for all to see so that the correct decisions can be made.
If what Mr Herraghty says is correct then we are all being conned by those with vested interests.
Can I challenge any expert in the field, and there are plenty around by all accounts, to either confirm or deny what Mr Herraghty asserts with validated, referenced content.
For those who have not read Mr Herraghty’s letter I would advise them to do so.
I look forward to continued discussion on this topic which impacts and applies to us all.
Don Carney. Meadowlands Place, Westhill.
‘Green’ turbines end up in landfill
Sir, – George Herraghty’s excellent letter “Renewables are devouring planet” (P&J September 27) should be made compulsory reading for politicians, the green luvvies and the eco-demonstrators.
If I may add to his revealing list of problems, there is the question of environmental damage from the concrete bases and from the blades which are made from fibreglass-reinforced polyester or epoxy and end up in landfill, where they can leach toxic chemicals into the ground and water table.
Schoolchildren are being misled by the Fridays for Future Movement to play truant and demand climate action.
They too should be given a lesson covering the contents of George Herraghty’s letter and that renewables still require fossil fuel back-ups or the lights would go out and their cosy homes would go cold and there would be no TV and hot chocolate.
Over the past year fossil fuels provided 44.6 per cent of the UK’s electricity, renewables a pitiful 28.6 per cent.
Clark Cross. Springfield Road, Linlithgow.

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