No fuelling
Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon misled the public by claiming in November 2021, “We’ve virtually decarbonised our electricity supply. Just short of 100 per cent of all the electricity we use is from renewable sources”. Her followers have written to every paper in the land with this boast. However In 2020 Scotland produced 32,063 GWb of renewable electricity equivalent to around 96 per cent of Scotland’s entire electricity consumption but this does not mean that Scotland used all this electricity since a large part of this was exported via the National Grid.
Independent reports revealed that in 2020 56 per cent of electricity used in Scotland came from renewable sources, 30 per cent from nuclear and 13 per cent from fossil fuels. The Scottish Government‘s spin doctors said “Scotland has a hugely positive story to tell in renewables which provided the equivalent of 96 per cent of Scotland’s gross electricity consumption in 2020” and that “The First Minister was referring to Scotland’s gross electricity consumption and it was not her intention to suggest otherwise”. No wonder the Scottish Government needs 176 spin doctors costing £9 million a year.
Clark Cross, Linlithgow, West Lothian

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