It’s not our electricity

NICK Dekker (Letters, May 5) states that “Scotland has been, and still is, a massive net exporter of electricity to England”. He is wrong. The wind turbines in Scotland were manufactured abroad, brought here on foreign ships and erected by foreign labour. These turbines are foreign-owned and the electricity is supplied to the National Grid by foreign-owned energy companies. Before fossil fuels got a bad press the SNP cry was “it’s Scotland’s oil”. Well they certainly cannot now chant “it’s Scotland’s electricity”.

Clark Cross, Linlithgow.

• NICK Dekker (Letters, May 5) asks how I came to “the conclusion” that Scotland was importing 1.5GW from England in my letter of May 4). I did not come to a conclusion, I simply stated a fact, since at the time of writing my letter, the net power exchange on the Scotland/England Interconnectors was actually 1,389MW from England. A figure which continuously varies. As I write this reply the transfer is 2.3GW from Scotland to England.

On the previous day the total UK energy contribution from wind was only 4%. Today it is 20%.

Norman McNab, Killearn.

SAS Volunteer

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