Harvie playing King Canute
TRUST in politicians is tenuous at best but Patrick Harvie is stretching this to incredulity. Instead of backing down over heat pumps he is continuing on the offensive (“Harvie calls on UK Government to cut cost of running heat pump”, The Herald, August 11). He thinks costs will come down for electricity if everyone installs these pumps.
First, not every property in Scotland is suitable, few are. Secondly, not everyone wants one. Thirdly, the installation costs are enormous so savings are not going to come for a very long time and fourthly, how can he predict electricity prices will drop when he point-blank refuses to adopt nuclear power or even gas-fired power stations?
Finally, think of just how problematic a power cut would be if Scotland was “all-electric”. This is where electricity storage problems plus a lack of wind blow Mr Harvie’s quaint notions all away. Another King Canute scenario.
Dr Gerald Edwards, Glasgow.

SAS Volunteer

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