Don’t panic on global warming
THE fact that the recent increase in global warming is man-made is beyond dispute and I certainly do not query it. However the planet is still warming as we emerge from the last ice age. What I think must be in dispute is the almost hysterical reactions to severe winds and floods.
The science that has effectively proved global warming has also demonstrated that this would cause a decrease in average rainfall and wind speeds. Therefore these localised events, tragic as they may be, are not as a result of global warming.
If the average person was to ignore the hype, it would become apparent that we are talking about a quite small increase in global temperature. The Earth has gone through this before, without a catastrophe happening. The global warming predicted with good science behind it will almost certainly happen and I doubt if we can do anything about it. However, does it really matter so very much?
Are we not getting into a panic about something which has already happened in the distant past with no noticeable disaster? Perhaps it is time for people to think rationally about this and not be swayed by western governments who may possibly have their own agenda.
James Evans, Dumbarton.

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