Tourists left with nothing to go on

Dear Sir, 

Have you ever wondered what the “NC” in the much-vaunted NC500 stands for?  

It seems the obvious answer is – No Convenience 500!  

Communities in the North have been so starved of cash by central belt politicians there is hardly a public toilet remaining open on our number one tourist route. 

The solution? Our idiotic politicians now calling for a Visitor Levy, or tax, have prioritised spending Billions in subsidies for useless wind farms, to supposedly save the planet yet won’t spend a penny to save the pan! 

These giant multinationals, have been allowed to systematically wreck our number one asset, the Highland’s glorious scenery. Surely it is time the entirely-parasitic wind industry, with their obscene level of profits, stumped up and handed back what is effectively our own cash. This would easily pay for essential services like toilets, car parks, campsites, road improvements and so on.  

Just compensation for our tourist industry in total desperation, and blessed relief all round! 



George Herraghty   



SAS Volunteer

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