Plans for a 25-turbine windfarm have been unveiled as part of a major ‘rewilding’ project at Glen Lednock near Comrie.
Renewables developer Low Carbon wants to site the 700ft-tall structures next to Loch Lednock on the Invergeldie estate.
It is working with Oxygen Conservation, which acquired the 12,000-acre estate earlier this year.
The Exeter-based company says it wants to re-wild Invergeldie by restoring peatland, planting native woodland, focusing on regenerative farmland and promoting green tourism.
Dozens of people attended a windfarm consultation event held by Low Carbon in Comrie on Tuesday. It followed a similar session in St Fillans on Monday.
Another developer SSE has been consulting on its plans for around14 turbines at Glentarken on the neighbouring Drummond estate.…/comrie-windfarm…/

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