Next hearing of our Petition to the Scottish Parliament

News just received that the next Hearing of our Petition to the Scottish Parliament will take place on 21 February 2024. We’ll post the link to watch the live discussion nearer the time. Please sign if you haven’t already done so.

Labour would need 8 billion to deliver green plan within rules – Energy Voice

The Labour Party needs to find at least £8 billion ($10 billion) to deliver its green-investment plan, a new analysis shows, underscoring why UK opposition leader Keir Starmer may be mulling changes to the initiative.

Concern over high radiation levels at proposed Aberdeenshire wind farm site – The National

SAFETY concerns have been raised about above average radiation levels at a proposed wind farm development site in Aberdeenshire. Renewable energy company RES are seeking to erect 16 onshore wind turbines on the Hill of Fare, with a planning application already submitted to Scottish Government ministers