Energy policy makes no sense
MID-MORNING today (11.20, January 8) Scotland is having to import 679MW
from rUK to keep our lights on and infrastructure such as hospitals, car
charging, fuel stations, banking and much of our rail network running. This
is more than half the output of Torness nuclear power station, which is
today on full power but scheduled to close in 2028.
UK demand is high given the northerly cold and calm and southerly dull wet
and stormy weather across the UK at almost 44,000MW. Wind generation has
again collapsed in Scotland, with UK solar output in the largely cloudy
weather in England producing only 2.62% of our needs.
Imports via the French, Dutch, Norway and Viking interconnectors are
negligible at 1.23% of our needs presumably because they have no spare
power to sell us and as a result we have restarted coal generation and are
maxing out on polluting biomass burning which we subsidise by circa £10
million a week, plus we are providing 52.3% of our needs from gas-fired
Conclusion? Let’s rapidly close down the North Sea and accelerate
transitioning to wind and solar.
Some of the electorate might find this strategy unconvincing.
DB Watson, Cumbernauld.

SAS Volunteer

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