A modest target
Scotland’s capacity for renewable electricity generation grew by 10 per cent in 2023, driven by onshore and offshore wind (your report, 29 March).
However, the amount generated fell by 7 per cent compared to the previous year due to less favourable weather conditions in the first half of 2023. In the last 12 months wind supplied 30.8 per cent of our UK electricity, solar 4.1 per cent, nuclear 14.2 per cent and gas 32.9 per cent. That means to get rid of nasty gas and nasty nuclear we need more wind turbines.
The wind electricity is supplied by 11,000 turbines in Scotland so that means we only need to build another 22,000 to be gas and nuclear free. What are we waiting for?
Clark Cross, Linlithgow, West Lothian
Next generation
This week I left my cosy home and joined a few others to visit our Community Council meeting to voice opposition to a local planning issue currently trundling through the appeals procedure.
Unknown to me, the Community Council were needing comments on local planning proposals for a large solar panel array on farm land and a battery storage unit elsewhere locally.
Those lifting their heads from mobile phones will be aware of the visual impact of wind turbines and if they had actually walked the hills where these are erected have seen the vast infrastructure of road network that allow construction.
If we had a joined-up planning sector perhaps it might occur that large onshore wind farm sites could also accommodate solar panel farms and battery storage units all together on the one site to utilise the infrastructure of roads and grid connections rather than spread these throughout the country in an ad hoc manner.
Probably a step too far!
T Lewis, Coylton, Ayrshire
It’s unfair
The Scottish Government has ruthlessly pursued a wind farm policy that I believe is inherently unfair.
It is unfair that there has been no overall plan to put wind farms where the wind speed is greatest with the least destruction of our scenery, with proper grid connections to minimise constraint payments.
It is unfair that location has depended on which landowner puts their hand up, causing expense to councils and communities defending their area against a circus of lawyers and experts.
It is unfair the Government has overruled 46 per cent of council decisions on wind farms under 50MW at Appeal since 2007.
It is unfair that residents in the country have had huge structures forced on them with no compensation.
It is unfair that rural societies have been split by the bribe of community benefit.
It is unfair that the SNP has adopted the Greens Manifesto as policy for wind farms was voted for by just 8 per cent of the population.
It is unfair on lovers of the countryside to turn the wind industry into an export industry with no mandate.
Please, readers, do what you can to save our way of life. Engage in local battles.
Celia Hobbs, Penicuik, Midlothian

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