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THE discussion about renewable energy on Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg this week (BBC1, April 21) left me so frustrated that yet another politician, this time Labour Shadow Secretary of State for Justice, Shabana Mahmood, missed the point on the matter of baseload. She rightly pointed out that no power is Read more…

Swarclett group in ‘mutiny’ claim over Caithness energy projects – John O’Groat Journal

Wind farm objectors have claimed that if Caithness was a ship the crew would be plotting a mutiny, such is the sense of injustice within some communities over the scale of renewable energy developments in the county.”  https://www.johnogroat-journal.co.uk/news/swarclett-group-in-mutiny-claim-over-caithness-energy-proj-348457/?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTEAAR18OgDf56yEl2iVhVjEIFgpATm_X8cwmUG-FJhm_lK8t9JcNOwEdCqRZdQ_aem_AfWEUbZLNAFaLIwc6_BWUqdENFJix12uMXiXkoFhSzh5kRyy6dXwx7EMYpT4f5pprV4nCeJm_US2TcaU5j8UOfrl