Demands for Highland wind farm with 200m-tall turbines in birthplace of Scotch whisky to be scrapped – Scotsman

Residents of a historic community in the Highlands are calling for Scottish ministers to block plans to erect a new wind farm with 200m-tall turbines on their doorstep after developers failed to make changes to the proposed scheme which were recommended a year ago.

The true cost of Labour’s net zero plans is slowly being revealed – and the sums are staggering – Telegraph

Prof. Gordon Hughes: In broad terms, electricity bills would have to double by 2030 to achieve Labour’s goal of decarbonising our electricity system with the costs incurred being passed on to electricity customers.

Supreme Court Decision – Dr Rachel Connor

The Supreme Court Decision of 20th June, has had reverberations around the whole oil industry.But its worth watching the actual short video of the judgement :…/uksc-2022-0064/judgment.htmlThis has huge implications for s.36 windfarm applications and any other development which is subject to EIA Regulations.In essence, his Lordship stated that the wording Read more…

Herald letters

I NOTE with interest Vicky Allan’s excellent article (“The battle for the future of Scotland’s energy is key election focal point”, The Herald, June 18). I would like to disagree with one or two statements. Unfortunately the politicians are not focusing on the main issues or addressing the infrastructure investment Read more…