Angus Communities Windfarm Action Group

People are often surprised and upset when a wind turbine or, worse, a cluster of turbines appears in a field near their home. Current planning regulations do not require you to be notified when a farmer or landowner proposes to plant one of these devices near you, apart from an easily missed couple of lines of small print in the weekly council notices.

The ACWAG web-site has been set up to give you the earliest possible warning about potential and actual applications, as well as those which have been approved, refused, or withdrawn. There is information about the planning application and advice on how to object.

Visit the site to view a map showing 39 locations (March 2013) which are being examined (scoping) on behalf of landowners to see whether they would support turbines or windfarms at some time in the future. These are in addition to the 22 in the planning system awaiting decisions, 45 approved, under construction, or already in operation.

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One thought on “Angus Communities Windfarm Action Group

  • Why has Angus, indeed Scotland, been infected with a rash of industrial size wind turbines and blotches of wind farms to the detriment of the natural landscape. Their efficiency is questionable, lifespan exaggerated, and unknown health hazards to man and beast. Is this going to be the next nicotine or alcohol- wonderful when discovered and a health destroyer in the future.

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