Kype Angling Club

Kype Angling Club is a small, but very active group of anglers, based in South Lanarkshire. Turbines are likely to have a very detrimental effect upon anglers ability to continue and enjoy their sport.

Kype Angling Club are campaigning against two big developments in their area. The first is at Kype Muir in South Lanarkshire, for 24 turbines. It has been approved by their Council, and is now with the Scotish Government for final consent.

The second is at Auchroberthill in the same area and involves Falck, Coriolis and Green Energy UK, who have been named as Operator. It is for 12 turbines and will be decided by the Council.

The group have been involved with several campaigning activities, investigating various approaches with regard to ministerial conduct and industry misrepresentation, policy value for money etc.

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