As a result of press interest in Aileen Jackson’s ground-breaking case against her neighbour’s noisy turbine, SAS Chair Graham Lang has issued the following comment:

Many people in the UK are being forced to put up with excessively noisy turbines. They can no longer count on peace and quiet at home, and their health is at risk as turbine noise has been proven to disrupt sleep and damage health and well-being.

The planning system which is supposed to protect people from harmful intrusion by turbines is driven by the needs of the developers. Local authorities generally depend on planning conditions to protect people from noise and shadow flicker but in practice these usually prove to be unenforceable. It is wrong to assume that the smaller the turbine, the less of a problem it will be. Many farm or domestic turbines spin much faster than their taller cousins and suffer from mechanical faults which up the noise level.

Residents in many parts of Scotland have spent weeks, months and years complaining to turbine owners, local officials and politicians before resigning themselves to the inevitable reduction in their quality of life.

Aileen Jackson’s refusal to give up and her pioneering case now offer many others a way out of their misery. Obtaining a Noise Abatement Order is a relatively simple and cheap process and it is covered by most people’s house insurance. Owners of noisy turbines who think they can keep them spinning regardless of the sufferings of their neighbours risk being ordered to take them down.

Aileen Jackson deserves an MBE for her public service.


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