Shale Revolution Shakes Green Energy Policy

Gas prices in Britain could halve after 2030 because of the global shale gas revolution, according to a report by Navigant that is at odds with the latest government forecasts. Analysts said that the findings further undermine the Government’s economic justification for building expensive wind farms and nuclear reactors, which Read more…

Bowland Shale fracking could reignite UK economy and cut CO2 emissions/The Guardian

In late June the British Geological Survey announced the world’s largest shale-gas field. The Bowland Shale, which lies beneath Lancashire and Yorkshire, contains 50% more gas than the combined reserves of two of the largest fields in the United States, the Barnett Shale and the Marcellus Shale.

Upper Tweeddale protected – but wind power surge predicted/The Peeblesshire News

ALTHOUGH one part of Peeblesshire will still be exempt from hosting wind farms, others may not be so lucky as Scotland’s drive to have all its energy needs met from renewable sources goes up a gear. – See more at:–but-wind-power-surge-predicted/#sthash.3CLqitVq.dpuf–but-wind-power-surge-predicted/