Turbine cash plans shelved/The Dumfries and Galloway Standard

Controversial plans that would slash the amount of windfarm cash going to communities have been shelved. Fears about a new body being created to administer funds handed over by energy companies to help areas where they operate saw councillors step back. http://www.dgstandard.co.uk/dumfries-news/local-news-dumfries/local-news-dumfriesshire/2013/07/05/51311-33567227/

Kinross-shire residents urged to help blow away windfarm plans/Fife Today

The following article titled ‘Kinross-shire residents urged to help blow away windfarm plans” was published by Fife Today, at the following url: http://www.fifetoday.co.uk/news/local-headlines/kinross-shire-residents-urged-to-help-blow-away-windfarm-plans-1-2990487. For whatever reason the article had been removed and the link returned a 404 error. An updated article was then published at 4pm, with a toned down Read more…