By Katie Pavid

Giant wind turbines are to be transported through Dundee on the way to Aberdeen on oversized lorries.

A new access road has had to be constructed at the top of Strips of Craigie to allow contractors to haul their huge load over the roundabout.

The lorries will be driving through the city for the next 14 weeks, starting September 16. A test run was tried today, but the vehicle got stuck at the top of the road on the busy roundabout for 30 minutes.

Policemen stopped traffic while workmen from Svaergods Transport attempted to manoeuvre the lorry through.

Kenny Gibb, a steersman for Svaergods Transport, said: “Wind turbines get unloaded at Dundee harbour from barges from Norway, Denmark and Germany, and sometimes other places in Scotland.

“They get dropped at the nearest harbour to Banchory, near Aberdeen. Then we have to get them all the way up there. Today was a test run and this was the first trouble we caused on the roads.

“Because the turbine blades are so big we have to use a larger lorry, and we are mocking up the size of it to try to catch any snags in the route before next week.

“I am the steersman, so I drive the van behind the lorry and make sure the wind turbine doesn’t clip any poles or buildings.

“We had a bit of trouble this morning getting onto the Kingsway. We are hoping to start properly on Monday.

“The blades will come through, then the turbines themselves. There will be three vehicles in convoy for those, so it will look quite impressive.”

Roadworks at the Scott Fyffe roundabout have been in operation for the last few weeks in preparation for the transportation.

A spokesman from Tayside Contracts said their organisation had been working around the clock to make sure the operation goes smoothly.

Vehicles will be crossing the roundabout at 9.30am on the days when lorries are needed. Police officers will be out controlling traffic.

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