Campaign group Sustainable Shetland is claiming a major victory against the
Scottish government today, after a judge at the Court of Session in
Edinburgh indicated that the decision to grant consent to the Viking Energy
windfarm would be quashed.

According to a statement released by the group this afternoon: “Lady Clark
of Calton held that the decision to grant consent under section 36 of the
Electricity Act 1989 was incompetent because Viking Energy Partnership did
not have a licence to generate electricity”.

The statement also claims that Sustainable Shetland’s legal fees will be
covered by Scottish ministers.

The group’s chairman Frank Hay said: “This ruling is hugely important. We
have always felt that this project was wrong for Shetland – a belief upheld
by our own planning department, who advised that Shetland Islands Council
should recommend refusal to the consent.

“We are heartened by today’s outcome, which reflects months of hard work by
all concerned.”

However, Viking Energy has declined to comment on the ruling, stating that
“Lady Clark has not yet issued her interlocutor, which is the detail of her

It is expected that the details of this decision will be confirmed
tomorrow. If confirmed, all parties will have 21 days to decide whether or
not to appeal the ruling.

SAS Volunteer

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