A St Andrews councillor has hit back at St Andrews University over its
comments on public consultation with regard to Kenly wind farm.

Last week the Citizen reported a university spokesman as saying it had been
“right not to engage in any detailed consultation with the community before
plans were approved” for a 33v underground cable and a substation to serve
the proposed windfarm.

Now Councillor Dorothea Morrison has described the university’s comments as
“churlish” and accused the institution of ignoring the reasoning of
councillors in rejecting the plans. She said remarks were unhelpful for
good town and gown relationships and continued: “In recent years town and
gown have worked well together. It is hoped this will continue even when
there are disagreements between university and elected members.”

She said a site visit by councillors had not answered their questions
because of lack of information, continuing: “Elected members have a duty to
their constituents to be satisfied that they have sufficient information
before them to make a decision. Too many questions remained unanswered to
accept the recommendation for approval.”

A university spokesman responded this week: “We’re disappointed and a
little puzzled that Cllr Morrison appears to have deliberately ignored the
very full statement made by our Quaestor and Factor Derek Watson last week
in which he explained why we had decided not to ask the community to engage
in a consultation exercise at this stage. Without a radar mitigation
solution, this project cannot go ahead and there is no sense on consulting
about a cable which may never be laid to a wind farm which may never be
built. As we have stated repeatedly, if or when a radar mitigation solution
is found, we will consult fully.”

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