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A developer’s apparent disregard for regulations at a planned wind turbine
site in Dalry is a danger to the public and could put lives at risk, say
members of the community.

As the Herald has reported previously, people living near the site at Dove
Hill are fed up with congestion and road damage caused by 45 tonne lorries
using single-track roads. There are also concerns over the large vehicles
using a weak bridge.

Residents are now in even more despair as large equipment being transported
to the site appears to be not properly secured.

Mick McGurran, one of the residents living near the site, took a picture of
a cable drum on its way to Dove Hill and pointed out the apparent danger of it.

He said: “These are just canvas cables holding that. They’re not secured
properly. If you met that on the road and you had to pull into the side to
let it past, it could roll off onto your car. It could kill someone.

“To send a thing like that up a 10ft road, it’s no wonder that the road is
starting to crack everywhere. It’s unbelievable. The people of North
Ayrshire are going to end up paying for that.”

Mick showed the Herald some pictures of the single-track roads which appear
to have been widened, he claimed without planning permission.

He said: “These vehicles are 3½ metres wide and the road’s less than 3
metres so the wheels have created a big trench on either side. They’ve
filled it in with stones. They’re basically widening the road to get the
big cranes in.

“Every time they bring something along the road, access to fire brigade
cover is unavailable to some properties. They have bullied their way
through this job ignoring rules and regulations on an almost daily basis,
putting lives at risk on more than one occasion. Their conduct is such that
they have become the subject of a Breach of Conditions Notice and the
police have had to be called out on numerous occasions at great cost in
both time and resources.

“In December they were supposed to consult with the locals and they chose
not to do that. This should never have been given planning permission.”

Another concerned resident living near the site told the Herald that he had
seen the congestion on the roads. He said: “It needs to be seen to be
believed. It’s a complete fiasco. They behave as if they own the countryside.”

Wind Technik Nord (WTN), the developers of the wind turbine site, declined
to comment on the situation. But following the latest local complaints,
North Ayrshire Council issued a Temporary Stop Notice and a Breach of
Condition Notice, halting all development at Dove Hill for the time being.

A council spokesperson said: “All deliveries to this site are required by
planning condition to be made from the east or south, meaning that
deliveries should not be made by vehicles travelling over the Blairmill

“On August 22, planning officers witnessed deliveries to the site being
made from the west, which is in breach of the planning condition.

“The following day, we issued a Breach of Condition Notice requiring all
deliveries to be made in accordance with the approved details. As such
notices do not take effect for 28 days, a Temporary Stop Notice was also
issued. This took effect immediately and lasts for 28 days. This requires
the stopping of all deliveries except those made in accordance with the
planning condition.

“Non-compliance with either notice is an offence for which those
responsible can be reported to the Procurator Fiscal.

“We have already made clear to the developer that deliveries must be made
in accordance with the planning condition details agreed with the council.

“Delivery companies have also been advised how they must approach the site
and signage has been erected to reinforce this instruction.

“The condition of the road will continue to be monitored and any necessary
repairs will be carried out. Appropriate action will be pursued with the
developer to address any extraordinary damage caused by vehicles making
deliveries to the development.”

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