The number of wind turbines built, under construction or given planning
consent in Dumfries and Galloway is nearing the 600 mark across the region.

The figures are contained in a report looking at updating council policy on
dealing with such applications.

It lists more than 450 turbines over 50m (160ft) tall which are operational
or under construction at 22 sites.

A further 11 new farms or extensions totalling 138 turbines have also been
given planning consent.

In addition, the document lists hundreds of other turbines which are
outside Dumfries and Galloway but visible from the region.

Some of the developments listed also straddle regional boundaries.

The local authority is being advised to update its strategy on handling
applications for such projects.

It reflects the changing nature of such developments with a move away from
smaller scale turbines to larger schemes.

Councillors are being recommended to start consultation on its
supplementary guidance on wind turbines.

If they agree, a report on the public’s response would be brought back to
the economy, environment and infrastructure committee in the new year.

The study concluded that the very largest turbines – greater than 150m
(490ft) in height – could not be accommodated apart from, potentially, in
the Eskdalemuir area.

It also found that there was only “limited scope” for turbines between 80m
(260ft) and 150m tall in other parts of the region.

The report looked at areas at risk of “significant” cumulative impact due
to the number of wind farms already in operation.

It found capacity was “close to being reached” on the Wigtownshire
moorlands while there was only “limited scope” or “very limited scope” for
more turbines in Annandale, Nithsdale and the Stroan/Ken area of Galloway.

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