DPEA Stakeholder meeting

Graham Lang will attend the Stakeholder meeting.  If anyone has anything they want Graham to bring up, please contact him by Tuesday 30th May.  Dr Rachel Connor will also accompany him to update the Chief Reporter on matters relating to Conditions for private water supplies in relation to the imminent construction of Sneddon Law Windfarm.


DPEA Stakeholder meeting
Callendar House, Falkirk
31 May 2017

Meeting will commence at 10.30 am. and will finish with lunch at 1.00 pm. Coffee will be available from 10.15 am.

1. Welcome and introductions

2. Matters arising from the last meeting

3. DPEA update

4. Planning review – Planning White Paper

5. Role of Reporters on building design

6. Applying time limits for appeal submissions

7. Improving community engagement

8. Misdirected appeals

9. AOB


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