A 150-mile long electricity grid cable built to transmit renewable-energy
generated electricity from the Highlands to the Central Belt has won a
Scottish national award.

The Beauly-Denny transmission project won the ‘Greatest Contribution to
Scotland’ award at the Saltire Civil Engineering Awards.

Beauly-Denny is the longest transmission line to be built anywhere in the
UK since the 1950s and crosses the highest and most inaccessible terrain on
the Great Britain transmission system at the 2,526-ft summit of the
Corrieyairack Pass.

Alongside reinforcement of the main existing transmission line between the
Highlands and Aberdeenshire, the project has enabled more than 80
additional wind, hydro and solar power developments by the end of 2015,
providing almost 1500MW of additional generation capacity.

It also generated £100 million for Scotland’s economy through its
development and construction and supported more than 2,000 jobs over a
seven year period.

Run by the Institution of Civil Engineers, in association with the Saltire
Society, the annual awards recognise excellence and innovation in civil
engineering and celebrate its contribution to quality of life in Scotland.

At last night’s ceremony in Edinburgh, the judges recognised the importance
of the Beauly-Denny project in securing Scotland’s sustainable energy
future and the decarbonisation of electricity generation.

Presenting the award, Jamie Hepburn MSP, Scotland’s Minister for
Employability Training, praised the project’s contribution towards
‘building a sustainable low –carbon economy’ through the doubling of
Scotland’s renewable energy network capacity.

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